Churches and devalued people: ‘Good Samaritan’ parable

Jeff McNair of CalBaptist University posted in his blog recently about the social devaluation of impaired people within and by churches (and I would assume, by extension, by synagogues, mosques, etc.). McNair is touching on one of the most common wounds of socially devalued people, that of segregation, in one of the places where belonging and welcoming is one of the commonly proclaimed values. Another striking illustration of deep unconsciousness.

In my experience, many churches, synagogues and temples are not even physically accessible, never mind good at supporting people who have mental disorders or are poor or senile, etc. to be in the valued social role of member (parishioner, worshipper, etc.).

In the post, McNair references Wolfensberger and the common wounds, described in Wolfensberger’s monograph as well as in longer Social Role Valorization workshops.

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