article: ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities’

The article ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities‘ (and this 2010 article as well) could be the basis for an interesting exercise for a study group, university or college class, staff training, etc. Such an exercise from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective might profitably include a discussion of the contemporary heightened vulnerability of elders […]

Language surrounding “Alzheimer’s”

Driving home the other day, I turned on the radio and caught the end of a radio news broadcast concerning “Alzheimer’s.” (Note: I put the quotes around Alzheimer’s because my experience is that this term is too often loosely thrown around as a label or confirmed diagnosis, both by non-professionals as well as human service […]

Book review ‘Valuing Older People’ mentions SRV

This recent book review mentions SRV, I assume because the book must reference SRV, though I have not read the book. Have any of you? Let us know. From the blog post: According to Elspeth Stirling, who is the author of Valuing Older People, failure to respect the aged is more complicated than mere decadence.  […]

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‘Therapy from dusk to dawn’

A 14 June 2009 NY Times article entitled ‘For Dementia’s Restless Minds, Therapy From Dusk to Dawn’ described a human service program at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale (NY, US). From the article: The patients were on the loose again, moving their shrunken frames through the nursing home’s shadowy halls, chattering and giggling like children […]

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