From study to implementation: SRV and PASSING (tip #1)

Both the PASSING tool (manual) and the PASSING workshop are high quality resources that can help to make SRV theory concrete, practical and ‘implementable.’ For example, the PASSING tool (manual) includes 42 distinct ratings, and PASSING workshop teams typically study, review and assess each of these ratings one by one. This repeated study and practice […]

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Special Olympics and Microsoft Cloud

Check out this site and accompanying video from Microsoft Cloud about the Special Olympics. Microsoft has also placed ads on this topic in several magazines. Based on the material in the SRV monograph and workshops on image enhancement, as one of the tools of role valorization, and the material on imagery in the PASSING tool […]

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SRV action implications

The SRV monograph includes a useful chart laying out categories of SRV action implications that can help us think about how to implement SRV, with an eye towards helping societally devalued people to have greater access to the ‘good things of life.’ The chart is on pages 103-105 in the 2014 edition of the SRV […]

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NY Times article: ‘Hand of a Superhero’

An article to read and discuss from an SRV perspective. What valued social roles might this open the door to, and thus increase the probability of greater access to the good things of life? (Note the reference to a role in the 4th paragraph, but what other roles are mentioned and/or could be envisioned?) Use […]

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recent news item relevant to imagery

This recent news item has some relevance to what Social Role Valorization (SRV) teaches about the goal and means of image enhancement: to help vulnerable and societally devalued people to have societally valued roles, and thus to open the door to having the ‘good things of life’ which most people in a society want and […]

NY Times article: To Siri With Love: How One Boy With Autism Became BFF With Apple’s Siri

This recent article in the NY Times would make a good basis for a Social Role Valorization-based exercise or discussion, in an agency, study group or university class. It would require thinking about multiple elements–first individually, and then collectively. This is one of the strengths of SRV and PASSING: that it teaches people how to think […]

‘Teddy the guardian’

An interesting example of paying attention to imagery (personal appearance and possessions), and to what is normative and valued in a culture for a specific age group (children, in this case), among other things. This helps to communicate the role of cute kid, as opposed to the patient role. Relevant to imagery and the […]

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role theory on the ‘everyday sociology’ blog

I just read an entry on the ‘Everyday Sociology’ blog sponsored by Norton Publishing. The entry is about role theory, and touches on: expectations, social status and behaviors. I like the idea of trying to blog about this (and other) sociological concepts in a simple way that invites readers to think about a particular concept. […]

the wealth of concrete SRV implementation strategies

The principles of Social Role Valorization (SRV) contain a wealth of practical and highly concrete implementation strategies, both broad and deep, that can be carried out by individuals, groups or on the societal level. No helping approach, no social movement, no human service program will be able, either on its own or in combination, to […]

new article: ‘What would be better? Social Role Valorization and the development of ministry to persons affected by disability

With Dr. Jeff McNair from CalBaptist University, I recently co-wrote an article which was published in the inaugural issue of The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability. Dr. McNair has attended SRV and is familiar with Dr. Wolfensberger’s work.   The article citation is The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 1(1), 11-22 […]