SRV in the News – Chy Johnson and Her Boys

This article (Chy Johnson and Her Boys) caught the eyes of a member of the Southern Ontario SRV study group of which I am a member. By now, many of you may have seen the article as well, but it is worth pulling out a few points of the article to illustrate the SRV lessons […]

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Guest post: Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe

The following is a guest blog post submitted by Steven Tiffany: I’d like to share some Social Role Valorization (SRV) insights I gleaned while reading the book “Lenin, Stalin and Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe” by Robert Gellately (2007). The level of violence, terror and death described in the book is overwhelming, but it also […]

Image juxtaposition: “Stage management 2.0”

A 29 May 2011 NY Times article about US President Obama’s visit to the UK mentions an event relevant to image juxtaposition and crafting positive images: “Before Mr. Obama took his seat, an aide asked that two fax machines behind him be removed. The machines, which would have appeared in photographs just above his head, […]

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Menace role and Pennhurst

Thanks to Guy Caruso for sending me the link to this article about a proposal to build a Halloween haunted house attraction on the former grounds of the Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Pennsylvania, US. In SRV, we consider the power of negative stereotypes surrounding societally devalued people, including how our actions (consciously or […]

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