2 articles added to SRVIP website

We just added a PDF of 2 articles to the SRVIP website, one by Ray Lemay entitled ‘Social Role Valorization versus drug therapies’ and a second by Wolf Wolfensberger entitled ‘Reply to Levitas, McCandleless, Elenewski and Sobel.’ Below is an abstract of the Wolfensberger article: In an article in the February 1994 issue of Mental […]

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More on foster care

Ray Lemay sent me a link to this article by Dr. Peter Breggin on the mind drugging of youth in foster care. A quote from the article: Now there is a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report confirming that foster children in five states — Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas — are receiving shocking amounts of psychiatric […]

online column: Are psychiatric medicines making us sicker

A column on psychotropic drugging and so-called ‘electroconvulsive therapy’ (ECT) was published in The Chronicle of Higher Education on 18 September 2011. The columnist challenges the high level of psychotropics given to young people in the US and western, more affluent countries generally. This concern is consistent with what SRV teaches us about the sick […]

Language surrounding “Alzheimer’s”

Driving home the other day, I turned on the radio and caught the end of a radio news broadcast concerning “Alzheimer’s.” (Note: I put the quotes around Alzheimer’s because my experience is that this term is too often loosely thrown around as a label or confirmed diagnosis, both by non-professionals as well as human service […]