‘Small Town Reclaims Former Mental Hospital as Arts Haven’

An article in the 28 October 2017 Wall Street Journal entitled ‘Small town reclaims former mental hospital as arts haven’ might be interesting to study from an SRV and PASSING perspective in terms of setting as a communicator of imagery, and the importance of the history of a setting. https://www.wsj.com/articles/small-town-reclaims-former-mental-hospital-as-arts-haven-1509195600 Fergus Falls State Hospital was […]

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article: ‘New psychiatric treatment center opening today’

The 16 August 2012 article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette entitled ‘New psychiatric treatment center opening today’ describes the first new psychiatric facility built in Massachusetts since the 1950s. The new building is located on the grounds of the Worcester State Hospital, built in the 1830s. A couple SRV-relevant points: • The article mentions […]