NY Times Magazine article ‘E-jail’ by Ava Kofman

A 3 July 2019 article in the NY Times Magazine entitled ‘Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt’ by Ava Kaufman compellingly illustrates the concepts of heightened vulnerability, and of non-programmatic factors, as described in Social Role Valorization (SRV). Note also the example of a private for-profit human service organization. From the article: […]

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Jack London

Jack London was one of the most prolific American writers in the early 20th century. He wrote novels, short stories, essays, plays and articles. London grew up in poverty and worked a number of different jobs, including such roles as oyster pirate, deputy patrolman for the California Fish Patrol, able seaman, coal heaver, laundry worker, […]

NY Times Magazine article: Autism, Inc.

The 2 December 2012 NY Times Magazine article ‘Autism Inc.: How Thorkil Sonne discovered that his son’s disability could be turned into a competitive advantage‘ could make for an interesting read to analyze from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective. For example, the article focuses on the role domain of employment (Wolfensberger, 1998, 30). It […]

Globe and Mail article: ‘The awful truth about social programs’

This Globe and Mail article comments on the lack of efficacy of human service programs in Toronto, particularly those aimed at serving poor people. These comments should sound familiar to those who have studied Social Role Valorization (SRV) and the related assessment tool PASSING, and by no means is limited to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or […]

Prisons and ‘setting access’

This NY Times article entitled ‘Alabama’s White Elephant’ describes several likely problematic consequences of a new federal prison for women being built in Alabama (US). Many of these problems can be framed and understood in an SRV/PASSING context. It would also be possible to draw out even more likely negative consequences which are not mentioned […]

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op ed: ‘The prison boom comes home to roost’

This Boston Globe op-ed piece about prisons and the high rate of incarceration in the US raises many SRV relevant points, such as: • the pervasive influence of non-programmatic factors, such as the employment and profit incentive behind the prison boom • the link between impoverishment and imprisonment (particularly in light of societal devaluation and […]

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Newspaper article: ‘Starting Life Over’

This newspaper article could be the basis for a useful exercise for an SRV workshop or in a college class. It touches on a class of societally devalued people and related service structures that will likely become more prominent in certain places; namely, people with ‘acquired brain injury.’ At least in the US for example, […]

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