Washington Post article: ‘In transition to independent living, the ‘dignity of risk’ for the mentally ill’

A sadly revealing article about the societal devaluation and wounding which too often surrounds mental disorder and poverty. Note the use of ‘dignity of risk’ language, though it hardly seems to reflect what Perske meant, nor how it is described in Social Role Valorization. Marc Tumeinski   Tweet

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Globe and Mail article: ‘The awful truth about social programs’

This Globe and Mail article comments on the lack of efficacy of human service programs in Toronto, particularly those aimed at serving poor people. These comments should sound familiar to those who have studied Social Role Valorization (SRV) and the related assessment tool PASSING, and by no means is limited to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or […]

article ‘New model of food pantry helps people maintain their dignity’

This January 2012 newspaper article highlighted, among other issues, efforts by a local food pantry to enhance both image and competency of people using the pantry: ‘The new location allows it to be set up like a grocery store to give people a sense of dignity … Where before volunteers pre-bagged food and handed it to […]