article: ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities’

The article ‘Retirees opting for all-ages housing communities‘ (and this 2010 article as well) could be the basis for an interesting exercise for a study group, university or college class, staff training, etc. Such an exercise from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective might profitably include a discussion of the contemporary heightened vulnerability of elders […]

NY Times Magazine article: Autism, Inc.

The 2 December 2012 NY Times Magazine article ‘Autism Inc.: How Thorkil Sonne discovered that his son’s disability could be turned into a competitive advantage‘ could make for an interesting read to analyze from a Social Role Valorization (SRV) perspective. For example, the article focuses on the role domain of employment (Wolfensberger, 1998, 30). It […]

Globe and Mail article: ‘The awful truth about social programs’

This Globe and Mail article comments on the lack of efficacy of human service programs in Toronto, particularly those aimed at serving poor people. These comments should sound familiar to those who have studied Social Role Valorization (SRV) and the related assessment tool PASSING, and by no means is limited to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, or […]

SRV study tip #2

I was at 2 different PASSING workshops fairly recently and as always I was struck at the power, clarity and utility of the PASSING manual and workshop for raising consciousness, deepening one’s understanding of SRV, helping one to step into the shoes of vulnerable people (interpersonal identification), seeing the distinction between programmatic and non-programmatic concerns, […]

September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times (Australia)

I recently received the September 2010 issue of CRUcial Times published by CRU Inc. in Brisbane, Australia. I recommend getting on their email list to receive this publication. Back issues are also available. Below are some of the SRV-related lessons I took away from just two of the articles in this issue: Leading the change […]

Overcrowded emergency rooms

Steve Tiffany sent me links to two articles (here and here) in The Gazette which describe recent deaths of patients in Quebec (Canada) emergency rooms, largely due to lack of care related to overcrowding. Most of the patients mentioned in the articles who died were over 65 years old. Steve pointed out that this speaks […]

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