video: Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories

Filmmaker Dan Habib has put together a 30 minute film on the use of restraint and seclusion in schools. It is free to use and show, and includes video of several students describing their experiences of being restrained. Marc Tumeinski Tweet

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The contemporary dangers of restraint use on societally devalued children and adults

I ran across two fairly recent articles (here and here) and reports (here and here) which speak to the human service use of restraints and the heightened vulnerability of societally devalued children and adults. Restraints can be physical, mechanical, and/or chemical, and are often used in conjunction with ‘seclusion.’ One of the dangerous patterns reported in […]

SRV Journal focus question from the June 2009 issue

In each issue of The SRV Journal, we publish a focus question, inviting our readers to individually and perhaps as part of a small study group to consider, reflect on and discuss the question. I have decided to start posting these questions just as they appeared in the Journal, starting with the first question published […]

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Equal Justice Initiative

We recently received an annual report from the Equal Justice Initiative, an organization that primarily works with poor defendants/prisoners who have not received fair treatment in the US court and corrections systems. One of their major areas of concentration is on capital cases, i.e., death penalty cases. I want to focus in this blog post […]

Youth prison

In the PASSING manual, Dr. Wolfensberger and Susan Thomas write that one of the few human service practices that does not have a culturally valued analog (CVA) is a prison (p. 31). A recent article in the NY Times (14 February 2010) describes the prison system for youth in New York. The article is a […]

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