‘Using role theory to describe disability’

I ran across this reference to an article with an interesting title. I encourage someone to read it and send us a review. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/books.htm?chapterid=1783288&show=abstract Sharon Barnartt (2001), Using role theory to describe disability, in Dr Barbara Altman, Dr Sharon Barnartt (ed.) Exploring Theories and Expanding Methodologies: Where we are and where we need to go […]

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Role theory in the business world

This article refers to a specific formulation of role theory which tries to understand and predict the behavior of individuals within an organization. The post mentions role conflict and role ambiguity, points raised in SRV workshops. It also refers to ‘role sender’ as someone who holds the defining expectations about what a role entails. So, […]

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Role terms are everywhere

We all hear, read, speak, use and think in role terms everyday, whether we are conscious of role theory or not. In a single recent issue in Time magazine, I counted 380 references to social roles. (OK, OK, I was a bit bored that day!) Most references were to valued roles, in domains such as […]

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