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Material on social roles on history website

Reference to social roles on a world history website. Note the links to SRV material under ‘Related resources.’ Tweet

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Reflect on roles: place in society

Social roles, valued and devalued, give one a place in society, whether a high or low place, valued status or devalued status (p. 39, A brief introduction to Social Role Valorization, Wolfensberger, Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry, 2004). What place or position do your own social roles give to you? […]

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“Keeping Nan at the centre of her life”

Jane Sherwin wrote this insightful article telling a story about her grandmother, and what a difference thinking about valued roles makes in terms of how we perceive others and what good things of life we make available to others. (By the way, the June 2010 issue of the SRV Journal will have a column on […]

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What about George?

Thanks to Bill Forman for bringing this article to my attention. This NY Times article would be a good basis for an instructive exercise on valued and devalued roles, imagery, language, competency or heightened vulnerability, for example. It could be used as an exercise in an SRV workshop, an agency staff meeting, a college class, […]

Reflect on roles: access to the good things of life

Occasionally, we will post a question/reflection on social roles. Roles are obviously a fulcrum point for understanding, teaching and applying Social Role Valorization. It can be helpful to think about one’s own roles as a way of better understanding the power of roles (valued and devalued) in the lives of vulnerable and socially devalued people. […]

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Ethnography and communication: social-role relations

This looks like an interesting article, at least from the abstract. Can a reader access it and then report on it? I do not have access to the full article. Tweet

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Question about social roles posted on Yahoo

I always wondered who asks these questions and why? Nonetheless, someone posted a question on Yahoo answers about social roles that women play in Britain and Russia. Anyone out there have an answer?!? Tweet

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Swedish study links suicide and social exclusion (segregation)

A recent study in Sweden found links between social exclusion (segregation) at a young age and greater risk of suicide. A quote from the study relevant to the wound of impoverishment of experience, as well as material poverty: “This view emphasises the importance of taking the emotional and social poverty of children just as seriously […]

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