SRV study tip #5

Continuing with our most recent series of posts on learning about SRV through the PASSING manual and workshop, I want to take a brief look at the glossary section of the 2007 manual (pp. 29-40). That might sound a little boring but the glossary encapsulates some dynamite ideas, ideas that can help us learn about […]

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SRV study tip #4

In the last post about studying SRV and PASSING, we looked at the image (1) and competency (2) enhancement subscores in the PASSING tool, under the subheadings of setting (1), grouping (2), activities (3), and miscellaneous (4). PASSING has 42 ratings. 27 ratings are related to image enhancement; 15 are related to competency enhancement. Almost […]

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SRV study tip #3

To continue with our last post on the PASSING tool and workshop, we saw in that post that PASSING builds on the twofold SRV strategy of image enhancement (PASSING ratings beginning with a ‘1’) and competency enhancement (ratings beginning with a ‘2’). Total PASSING scores range from -1000 to +1000 points. The total of all […]

SRV study tip #2

I was at 2 different PASSING workshops fairly recently and as always I was struck at the power, clarity and utility of the PASSING manual and workshop for raising consciousness, deepening one’s understanding of SRV, helping one to step into the shoes of vulnerable people (interpersonal identification), seeing the distinction between programmatic and non-programmatic concerns, […]

SRV study tip #1

Get a PASSING manual. Pick one rating. Read and study it, especially the general statement of the issue and the Normalization/SRV requirements. Close the book. Write in your own words a description of the issue at stake in the rating. When you’re satisfied, open the book back to that rating and compare. Try with other […]

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