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SRV in the News – Chy Johnson and Her Boys

This article (Chy Johnson and Her Boys) caught the eyes of a member of the Southern Ontario SRV study group of which I am a member. By now, many of you may have seen the article as well, but it is worth pulling out a few points of the article to illustrate the SRV lessons […]

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2 articles added to SRVIP website

We just added a PDF of 2 articles to the SRVIP website, one by Ray Lemay entitled ‘Social Role Valorization versus drug therapies’ and a second by Wolf Wolfensberger entitled ‘Reply to Levitas, McCandleless, Elenewski and Sobel.’ Below is an abstract of the Wolfensberger article: In an article in the February 1994 issue of Mental […]

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SRV in the News – May 18, 2012

Recently in Canada, there has been a media sensation over the release of former media baron and still-writer and columnist Conrad Black from an American prison (where he was serving time for various white-collar crimes). On May 4th, despite having renounced his citizenship in 2001, Black arrived in Canada a free man, on a 1 […]

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‘wide open’ expectations

I just read the 16 May 2012 ‘On being of service’ blog posting by Betsy Neuville entitled ‘wide open.’ It is a thoughtful reflection on the power of our (personal as well as societal) expectations of other people to then open the door to the good things of life–or to shut that door (cf. Wolfensberger, […]

The power of ideas and a leadership development mindset

“… a big thread that runs through Dr. Wolfensberger’s work is his belief in the power of ideas …”  “One big thrust of Dr. Wolfensberger’s work was the identification of promising people (especially young ones), recruiting them, and developing them … Dr. Wolfensberger truly believed the fundamental premises of the development model, as taught in […]

SRV in the News – May 4, 2012

A new anti-cell phone driving campaign, currently being championed by various Canadian police agencies, referred to as “hobo cops”, has inadvertently illustrated some interesting SRV concepts. The program itself consists of undercover police officers, dressed as homeless men, who stand at roadside medians and appear to be asking for change during traffic stoppages. Upon closer […]

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SRV theme: model coherency (# 4 in a series)

This more advanced article by Wolfensberger and Thomas published in SRV-VRS: The International SRV Journal in the spring of 1996 focuses on a particular topic concerning the SRV theme of model coherency; namely, how a model coherency analysis might be properly incorporated into a PASSING assessment. As one would expect, the authors lay out some of the […]

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bandwidth of social roles

In his later writing about Social Role Valorization, Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger taught about the concept of bandwidth applied to social roles, whether socially valued roles or socially devalued roles (SRV monograph, Wolfensberger, 1998, 3rd rev. ed. published in 2004, pp. 31-32). Social role bandwidth ranges from broad and life defining to narrow and circumscribed. In […]

new publication by Wolf Wolfensberger

Valor Press announces ‘Advanced Issues in Social Role Valorization Theory’ Author: Wolf Wolfensberger PhD, 1934-2011 About the book  The first two chapters explain SRV, and give depth and background to SRV as an empirical theory that is applicable to human services of all kinds, to all sorts of people. The remaining chapters are all revised and […]

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SRV in the News – April 17th, 2012

Due to the fact that it has been some time since I posted my last entry, I will leave several links here for you to view with a brief elaboration of the SRV themes they touch on: The topic of elder abuse and exploitation is explored in this upcoming documentary. Previously I have posted about […]

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